The Washington Business Journal (a fantastic newspaper) recently ran an informative column by Bill Gormley titled "Government Moves to Define ‘Green’ Contracting" (subscription req.). There was so much information that I am going to spend the next two days discussing it.

In the article, Gormley ran through a list of actions that should be taken by green service or product companies wishing to contract with the government. Here are some highlights:

  • "Know the lingo. . . . Know what kinds of requirements and regulations government agencies face, and do your best to help agencies meet them."
  • "Be specific. Many companies struggle with explaining how they’re green or how they can offer the government an advantage by buying their green-capable service or product. . . . Make your message clear, concise, and specific so your buying audience can clearly see why your service or product offers more green value than your competitor’s."
  • "Get public acknowledgment. . . . Because it is so difficult for the government buyer to differentiate between products – and the green value they provide – vendors should be prepared to provide some type of third party acknowledgment that they are truly green. . . . If you are able to say you’re providing your green service or product to another government agency, that is worth your company weight in gold."
  • "If you’re trying to sell green services or products to the government, get on the appropriate GSA Schedule that represents what you sell commercially."

The government is the preeminent developer right now, particularly in the design and construction industry. As more agencies start coming out with green building bidding opportunities, it is important that you are strategically prepared to address the needs of the government. Of course, once you get that green building contract, you must also ensure compliance with the government’s regulatory requirements.

But you can worry about that another day.   

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