The environmental work at Stuart’s eponymous law firm, Stuart D. Kaplow, P.A. is focused on creating value for enterprises through strategic sustainable business solutions from green building to calculating and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and much more.

We assist businesses in mitigating risk and maximizing opportunity. Make no mistake, we believe in ensuring a future that is inclusive, net zero, and nature positive – and monetizing it all for clients. But we are rarely heard to utter the cause célèbres, decarbonize. Rather we advocate “recarbon” recognizing that we are carbon based life forms. The distinction is much more than mere nomenclature, it is perspective.

The firm offers science based advice and legal counsel for every environmental process and structure within a company, from assisting public companies with transactional due diligence and positioning positive environmental social governance processes to working with real estate developers greening their existing portfolio whether the result of new laws, customer sentiment or corporate commitment including to achieve LEED certification or earn an Energy Star Portfolio Manager score, and more. The attorneys provide comprehensive environmental and unique sustainable legal and non law solutions critical to businesses from conducting environmental site assessments to calculating greenhouse gas emissions and drafting climate change disclosures mandated by government to negotiating renewable energy projects.

Stuart Kaplow, the firm’s principal, assembles teams of experienced attorneys, elite scientists, top of their field environmental specialists, talented engineers, and marketing gurus, on a project basis, to leverage the local knowledge and nationally recognized technical ability necessary to assure that client objectives are swiftly and successfully realized.

Based in central Maryland, the law firm assists clients across the country, and increasingly internationally, working with their local counsel or often through ajhon Sustainable Systems Integrator, an independent non law environmental consulting business affiliate of this law firm. The firm has represented a broad breadth of enterprises, from public companies to local real estate developers, finding opportunities in some of the most difficult environmental and sustainability issues for more than three decades.