Stuart Kaplow is a fun and informative speaker and lecturer on innovative solutions to the environmental issues of the day, including speaking to a wide variety of audiences on the topics of decarbonizing the economy and business greenhouse gas reduction targets (.. yes, there are greenhouse gas emission jokes).

Kaplow at Khumbu Ice Fall

Kaplow at edge of Khumbu Ice Fall on Mt. Everest

More than merely a lecturer (although he was a law school professor for more than twenty years) Stuart is often sought out as a motivational speaker for businesses and trade groups to spread the word about sustainability, weaving the saga of his mountain climbing experiences, from Kilimanjaro to Everest and K2, and many summits and mountaineering adventures in between with his knowledge of green, into fast paced and fun packed keynote addresses and public talks.

Stuart is ‘hardcore’, something he wears as a badge of honor and makes him an even more fun public speaker.

Stuart recently addressed a national convention of commercial property owners in a keynote entitled, “Can A Green Building Save The Planet, Whether It Needs To Be Saved Or Not? The Answer Is Yes.”

If you are interested in scheduling Stuart Kaplow as a speaker, have a request for a talk on a specific topic, or would simply like information on making arrangements to have him speak, please feel free to contact Stuart Kaplow directly at