Back in March, I highlighted that $5 billion in funding had been dedicated to weatherization assistance as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Six short months later, the weatherization funding is scheduled to begin flowing:  

Final applications for the federal weatherization funds were due this month, with the first $2.5 billion expected to reach the states by September. Ohio has announced tens of millions in federal spending and plans to begin spending money for weatherization projects June 1, providing former workers such as Posey hope that they can regain their $18-an-hour assembly-line jobs.

When I ask people about stimulus projects, I keep hearing the same thing:  competition is fierce.  Here’s anecdotal evidence of the intense competition for stimulus projects in Ohio:  

More than 25,000 proposals have been filed on Ohio’s stimulus Web site alone. "There’s got to be $50 or $100 in requests for every $1 we’ve got," the state budget director, J. Pari Sabety, said several weeks and several thousand requests ago.

Are you seeing intense competition for green building stimulus projects?