General Services Administration, I am impressed. 

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act mandated that the GSA determine projects that would receive $5.5 billion by April 3, 2009.  The GSA beat this mandate, making its list of projects available on April 2, 2009 (hat tip to the Washington Business Journal for breaking the story ).

If you were hoping to benefit from the GSA projects in the D.C. metro area, you have a much better opportunity of working on these projects in the District than in other surrounding localities.  D.C. is set to receive $1.2  billion for GSA projects.  According to the Washington Business Journal, "the amount of work slated for D.C. appears to be more than any other jurisdiction. By contrast, GSA plans to modernize only five buildings for $66 million in Virginia and two buildings for $25 million in Maryland."

A full list of GSA projects receiving funding is available here.  Here’s a list of GSA projects in D.C., Virginia and Maryland slated to receive funding:

Washington D.C.

  • Department of Homeland Security headquarters, St. Elizabeths Hospital west campus, Southeast, $450,000,000
  • Department of Commerce Herber Hoover Building (phase II and III), 14th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, $225,638,000
  • GSA headquarters (phase I), 1800 F St. NW, $161,293,000
  • Lafayette Building (phase I), 811 Vermont Ave. NW, $128,827,000
  • Mary Switzer Building (phase II), 330 C St. SW, $68,241,000
  • Department of Interior Building (phase IV), 19th & C streets NW, $63,450,000
  • Department of State Truman Building, 2201 C St. NW, $14,735,000
  • Veterans Administration, $1,499,000
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Federal Building, $4,162,000
  • Elijah Barrett Prettyman Courthouse, $3,662,000
  • IRS Building, $1,506,000
  • Ariel Rios Fed Building, $1,337,000
  • GSA-Regional Office Building, $592,000
  • Wilbur J Cohen Building, $16,701,000
  • Winder Building, $1,865,000
  • Theodore Roosevelt Building, $23,551,000
  • Robert C. Weaver Building, $3,663,000
  • Howard T. Market National Courts, $2,070,000
  • Tax Court, $8,083,000
  • 601 – 4th St, NW, $2,150,000
  • US Secret Service Headquarters, $1,601,000
  • EPA East and West and Connecting Wing, $4,564,000
  • Reagan ITC and Garage, $16,161,000


  • Franconia Warehouse, Franconia, $9,512,000
  • Martin V.B. Bostetter Courthouse, Alexandria, $1,699,000
  • Advanced Systems Center, Reston, $690,000. 
  • Poff Federal Building, Roanoke, $50,968,000
  • Robert Merhige Courthouse, Richmond, $3,500,000


  • New Carrolton Federal Building, Lanham, $1,647,000 
  • CMS HQ Complex, Woodlawn, $23,723,000

The federal website,, should have more information about these projects very soon.  Any luck finding information? 

Wondering how to successfully bid these projects?  My "Getting Green from the Stimulus" slideshow is a good start.

Photo Credit:  JPhilipson