While at GreenBuild, I had the pleasure of listening to Jeff Harris of the Alliance to Save Energy speak about the Presidential Climate Action Project.  Two of the points raised by Jeff really got me thinking and I want to share these ideas with you.

During his presentation, Jeff stated that the U.S. government is the largest user of energy in the world.  As a result, the U.S. government should lead the green building movement.  

Green Building Law Update agrees with Jeff.  While it may not be appropriate for cities and states to mandate LEED certification, governments that require green building strategies for public projects are creating two benefits.  First, the government is creating a market for green building products and players.  Additionally, the public projects that incorporate green building strategies will educate the public. 

Jeff also presented a model for the implementation of green building codes that seems very workable:

(1) Create incentives to incorporate green building strategies;

(2) Train individuals about green building; and

(3) Obtain market recognition of green building strategies. 

Green Building Law Update will be elaborating on these ideas in the future. Check back as we discuss other programs and ideas that were discussed at GreenBuild.