During my speaking engagements regarding green building legal issues, I have noticed that the same questions keep coming up.  I thought I would begin to answer some of these questions for Green Building Law Update readers that have the similar questions.

Question:  When should I take the LEED Accredited Professional (AP) examination

This is a tricky question.  You may or may not know that the current version of the LEED rating system is Version 2.2.  In 2009, the USGBC is releasing a new version of the LEED rating system, version 3.0.  What does this have to do with the LEED AP exam?  The LEED AP exam primarily tests your knowledge of the LEED rating system.  When a new rating system is implemented, a new version of the LEED AP exam must be created. 

When the Green Building Certification Institute (the entity responsible for administering the LEED AP exam) creates the LEED AP exam for version 3.0, the exam will likely be more difficult.  According to Professional Publications Inc., "the LEED 2009 exams will be more difficult than the current versions with an expected pass rate of only 20%, compared to 34% for the current exams."  Furthermore, Professional Publications Inc. states that "the GBCI will stop administering the current LEED exams in late December, and availability of the LEED 2009 exams has not yet been announced." 

In short, you are best served to take the LEED AP exam before 2009.  

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UPDATE:  GreenBuild Recap Part II: New LEED AP Program Announced

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