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A Brief Green Building Guide to Social Media

What would you tell a green building insider interested in social media and web 2.0?  I recently had to answer this question, and I thought my answer might be helpful to some Green Building Law Update readers.  I decided to keep it simple.  For me, social media starts with two platforms:  blogs and Twitter.  A … Continue Reading

Federal Agency Adopts Green Globes Certification

During green building presentations that include legal views, I usually expect that someone in the crowd will not agree with my views of the green building industry.  Usually, the unhappy audience member cannot fathom that there are potential risks associated with green building.  Last week, though, I received a much different reaction when I presented … Continue Reading

OUR Green Building Mission

I took away a very important, very big thought from my conversation with Rob Watson.  This big, important thought was based first on a comment from Watson himself: "We are in a ‘you bet your species’ proposition with unmanageable climate change, so more rapid penetration of LEED is not a problem, rather a prerequisite with … Continue Reading

Concern Remains Regarding Some LEED Mandates

In addition to clarifying the LEED 25% guideline, Rob Watson also had some interesting points regarding regulations that required LEED certification.*  First, Watson made a great point about governments requiring municipal projects to achieve LEED certification:  "As far as municipalities requiring their own buildings to go LEED, that’s an owner decision and no problem.  Municipally-funded … Continue Reading

LEED and the 25 Percent Rule, Revisited

I have been spending a lot of time recently thinking about two posts I made regarding the LEED 25 percent premise and why this will be problematic for green building mandates.  Why did I reconsider these posts?  Rob Watson told me I was wrong.  Watson knows LEED better than you and I.  He was one … Continue Reading

LEED and the Top 25 Percent

I have had another green building epiphany.  Actually, a series of epiphanies.  But before we get to the epiphany, we have to review a simple premise.  I have to thank Will Clark over at Multi-Family Guide for pointing out this premise to me.  So here it is:  The LEED rating system was created to only … Continue Reading