I am ready to hit the road and start talking about green building risk management.  I finally have enough cases and stories to weave together a compelling narrative about the topic.

And for a short time, I will give my presentation for free to interested companies. 

The presentation is entitled "LEEDigation: Current and Future Green Building Legal Issues."  It received great reviews from the crowd at the University of Kansas International Conference on Sustainable Design & Construction.  In fact, I was asked to make the same presentation for other companies and associations. 

I believe the presentation is unique in that we will discuss real life green building cases AND risk management strategies that companies can implement to avoid similar fates.  As I get more comfortable wearing my consulting hat, I am also getting more comfortable sharing risk management advice in lieu of litigation strategy. 

If your company has any interest in green building risks, liabilities and/or lawsuits, you will benefit from this presentation. 

If you are interested in hosting my free presentation, there are two options: 

  • We can setup a date at your company.  All I ask is that you cover travel expenses.
  • Or we can host a webinar for your company.  All I ask is that you cover the webinar costs. 

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  Why am I doing this?  I am interested in developing relationships with companies that could use my company’s claims consulting and risk management services.  But more on that July 1. 

Please send me an email (chris@cheathamconsulting.com) so we can set it up.  Thanks!