You have to have a short memory to write for a blog.  There is no point getting attached to a blog post because it will soon be relegated to the archives.  With that said, sometimes I am reminded of a blog post that deserves revisiting. 

After reflecting on the Waxman-Markey bill over the weekend, I am reminded of a prediction I made at the beginning of the year:

"Green" was the buzz word in 2008.  In 2009, Green Building Law Update predicts that green buzz words will become more nuanced and the focus will be on "energy efficiency," "retrofits," and "existing buildings."

One of the three factors cited for the retrofit prediction was cap-and-trade: 

Finally, climate legislation in the form of cap-and-trade is coming.  Early investments now to reduce energy use through retrofits will pay off for big businesses. 

Not bad!  But you know what I missed?  I never anticipated that the cap-and-trade legislation would be full of financial support for retrofits. 

The post last Friday highlighted three different financing mechanisms for energy efficiency upgrades:  (1) SEED funds; (2) the REEP program and (3) the GREEN ACT, which establishes a green bank. 

Over the next five years, energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits will be big business.  How is your company responding?