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Best in Green Building Law 2010, Part III

It is the week between Christmas and New Year’s, which can only mean one thing:  bloggers are getting lazy and doing "best of" posts.  There was one story I wrote this year that was far and away more interesting to me than any other:  the Northland Pines High School LEED certification challenge.  I found the … Continue Reading

Breaking: USGBC Moves Quickly To Revise Challenge Policy

The law moves at glacial speeds.  The USGBC does not.  On June 21, 2010, I wrote a blog post titled "Green Building Challenge Policy Requires Fixes."  My post detailed problems with the LEED certification challenge policy, as published in the LEED Certification Policy Manual.  You may recall that I wrote on, and on, and on … Continue Reading

Green Building Challenge Policy Requires Fixes

Reader’s note:  This is my last post on the LEED certification challenge.  Thanks for staying with me. I thought I would end my discussion of the Northland Pines High School LEED certification challenge with some constructive suggestions.  The LEED challenge issue is not going away anytime soon and clearly requires some fixes.  1.  Appeals of … Continue Reading

Should LEED Be More Stringent?

Reader’s note:  Two more posts on the LEED certification challenge.  I recently read the book Greed to Green, by David Gottfried, which describes how the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and the LEED rating system, were launched.  You can tell that Gottfried is quite proud – and rightfully so – of the USGBC’s accomplishments.  … Continue Reading

Breaking: USGBC Stands By Its LEED Challenge Decision

Welcome to our first afternoon edition of Green Building Law Update.  No one is quite sure whether the challengers to the Northland Pines High School LEED certification have grounds for an appeal.  But I figured two statements by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) regarding the "appeal" warranted a special blog post.  First, Brendan Owens, … Continue Reading

LEED Certification Challengers Speak Out

News continues to emerge about the challenge to the LEED Gold certification received by the Northland Pines High School.  Green Building Law Update previously reported on a statement made by United States Green Building Council (USGBC) General Counsel Susan Dorn that the certification challenge had been denied.   There is so much more to this … Continue Reading

Every Single LEED Point Can Be Challenged

On Wednesday, I began a review of the Green Building Certification Institute’s ("GBCI") LEED Certification Challenge policy.  There are three reasons why the LEED Certification Challenge Policy creates significant risk for all parties involved in a LEED-certified project: (1) Any person can challenge a building’s LEED certification; (2) Any and all LEED points can be challenged; … Continue Reading

Cranks, Gadflies and Rivals Can Challenge LEED Status

A few weeks ago, after a green building legal presentation, I remarked to a colleague that I was growing tired of discussing Shaw Development v. Southern Builders, the prime example of LEEDigation.  Less than one week later, along came the Wisconsin LEED challenge and the discovery of the LEED Certification Challenge Policy.   The LEED … Continue Reading