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Lessons From the Last Green Building Cycle

Despite my previous suggestion that the USGBC’s Greening the Codes could have done without the history of building codes, I do think it offers an interesting history lesson.  This paragraph caught my attention:    The energy crisis of the 1970s brought yet another topic to the national stage. The soaring costs of energy and a … Continue Reading

Green Building Groups Oppose Green Building Regulations

These are strange times for the green building industry.  Last week, California prepared to vote on new green building codes that would improve energy efficiency, water use and waste reduction in the construction industry.  Normally you would anticipate that environmental groups and green builders would applaud these measures, right? Not quite.   "[P]arts of the state’s … Continue Reading

California Risks Losing Green Stimulus Funds

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) included $250 million for a "RAT" board (pdf) established to audit and investigate stimulus-funded programs and projects. In addition, states have established their own auditing programs.   These auditing programs have started to reveal some problems with ARRA green building programs (subscrip. req.).   The Department of Energy … Continue Reading

Can Green Buildings Cause Sick Building Syndrome?

Down in Los Altos, California, a green building controversy is brewing. Linda Kincaid, industrial hygienist, has made some serious accusations about high levels of formaldehyde in certified green homes. On September 15, Kincaid, along with Richard Calhoun, held a press conference to discuss her findings. I am particularly interested in Calhoun’s reference to "sick buildings" … Continue Reading