Do you remember Energy Ace?  You may recall a series of posts I wrote about the company and it’s LEED guarantee.  Today we are checking in with Energy Ace founder Wayne Robertson to get the low down on the LEED guarantee. 

Chris:  Please tell me about your "Green Guaranteed" program. 
Wayne:  Energy Ace created its “Green GuaranteedTM“ promise to express Energy Ace’s commitment to the LEED success of its clients’ projects and to provide our clients with a measure of confidence that their project will reach its LEED certification goal.  As far as we know, this offer is unique in the building sustainability industry.
Chris:  Who is interested in using your Green Guaranteed program? 
Wayne:  Green GuaranteedTM has attracted a lot of interest, when recently an architect asked us for that service vis-à-vis a city hall project for a small town that was making its initial venture into the LEEDTM world.  That is a good example of where Green GuaranteedTM is applicable:  where the client seeks reassurance that his LEED project will be successful. 

Another instance came up a few months ago from a major office park developer in our area who wanted to attract a Federal government tenant to lease 110,000SF of space in his park.  The proposed tenant had a LEED Silver requirement for this LEED CI project and the office park developer sought a measure of assurance that he could promise that to this prospective tenant.
Chris:  What sort of demand do you anticipate in the future? 
Wayne:  Our crystal ball shows that as the number of sustainability mandates and ordinances continue spread throughout the land, more and more architects, owners, developers and leasing agents will desire reassurance of some sort that their LEED project will be successful.