Before we jump in to more substantive posts, I wanted to highlight an upcoming green building legal conference that is simply a must attend. 

The Green Legal Matters conference is running from October 13-15 in New Orleans.  I have never been more excited to attend a professional conference.  The speakers are a who’s who of green building legal practitioners including many of my blogging friends, like:

The one presentation I am most looking forward to is Susan Dorn’s "LEED From Where I Sit."  Susan is the General Counsel for the United States Green Building Council and she will have interesting thoughts on the future of LEED and the law.  In addition to green building legal topics, there will be presentations about other sustainability issues, like renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions.  I am speaking on October 15 and while my topic and co-presenters are up in the air, I promise I will make it interesting and innovative.

I am going to do my best to cajole my fellow bloggers out for a big night on Bourbon Street on October 14, and I hope you join us as well.  If you are interested, email me at

Go sign up for Green Legal Matters right now! 

Photo Credit:  traffik