This blog post has nothing to do with green building.  It has everything to do with you and me.  

Something transformational is going on in the world right now; or at least in my little sliver of the world.  People are changing jobs left and right.  During the last few years of the Great Recession, everyone hunkered down and tried to hold on tight to their existing jobs.  But now that there is a glimmer of economic hope, people are itching to pull the trigger on new jobs or ventures.

I pulled the trigger.  I left my law firm job to launch a consulting firm — Cheatham Consulting, LLC

By launching a own consulting firm, I now have the flexibility to respond to the needs of the construction industry.  Over the last few years, there were so many times that I was contacted by one of you with a great idea or a question.  Unfortunately, my rates and the time demands of my job prevented me from collaborating with many of you.  

I am done with that.  Let’s figure out how we can work together to solve the problems that are facing the construction industry.  Eventually, I will introduce you to the services of Cheatham Consulting.  But for now, I just want to hear from you and hear about what you are doing or where you have moved to.  Please send me an email ( or call me (202-553-3181) or leave a comment or a tweet or head over to the Green Building Law Update Fanpage and let me (and everyone else) know what you are up to. 

What’s going on in your world? 

Photo Credit: hownowdesign