One of the first publications that peaked my interest in green building was the AGC’s SmartBrief. Each day, I would read about a new green building project or development in SmartBrief. In large part because of SmartBrief, I began to explore the legal implications associated with green building.

Last week, my blog post "Does Your Construction Project Require Davis-Bacon Wages?" was featured as SmartBrief’s headline article. I was humbled and reminded that we should all support others when given the opportunity.

I have recently come across two intriguing green building legal projects that caught my attention:

  • Joshua Naggar has developed a LEED legal clinic at the University of Illinois Law School. Law students frequently contact me regarding developing a green building legal practice. Joshua came up with an innovative program to develop green-building expertise. The clinic is working with a local developer to write contracts and administer the LEED certification process. This is an interesting clinic that I expect to see replicated at other law schools.
  • Monty Lunn launched what is, to my knowledge, the first green building legal conference.  Green Legal Matters will be held April 26-28 in New Orleans — which conveniently overlaps with Jazz Fest. I won’t be able to attend due to another commitment. But many of my friends in the green building industry will be speaking including Shari Shapiro, Timothy Hughes and Chris Hill.
  • I very much wish I could attend Susan Dorn’s keynote at the Green Legal Matters conference on April 27. Susan is the United States Green Building Council’s General Counsel. I recently spoke to Susan about the legal issues facing the USGBC and the green building industry and I can report that she is in sync with the legal challenges we are facing. Thanks for meeting with me Susan.

Do you have an interesting green building event, idea or publication? Feel free to send it to me at

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