Recently, I was asked about my involvement with green building.  Why do I keep pointing out potential legal issues that the green building industry may have to confront?  Am I just an impediment to the green building industry? 

Here is my answer.  I am going to use this in the About section up above. 

I am a construction litigator.  I am also a LEED Accredited Professional (AP).  If you want a standard biography describing the articles I have written, the organizations I am a part of, or the schools I went to, go ahead and view my law firm profile, or better yet, my LinkedIn profile.  This section is going to be about why I started Green Building Law Update.

When I studied for the LEED AP exam, I got hooked on green building and became convinced this was the future for the construction industry.  Just after I passed the exam, I began reviewing the D.C. Green Building Act of 2006.  As I stated in one of my first Green Building Law Update posts, when I read the “Performance Bond” section of the Act, I gasped.  In that moment, I realized lawyers have an important role to play in the green building industry.

With any new industry, there will be issues and conflicts that must be resolved.  The green building industry is no different.  Through Green Building Law Update, I aim to point out the problematic regulations and industry trends that are ripe for litigation (i.e. LEEDigation) in order to hopefully prevent some of these issues and conflicts from arising.  If the issues and conflicts do arise, hopefully Green Building Law Update will lead you to contact me.  

These are my goals.  How am I doing? 

What do you think?  Are you convinced?