If you are reading this blog, you most likely have an interest in the green building industry.  Both opportunities and challenges are emerging at a rapid pace from the green building industry.  As a construction attorney focused on the development of the green building industry, Chris Cheatham wants to assist your business to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the challenges that lie ahead.

One of the primary challenges to any green building project is the management of legal risks.  You can significantly cut down your exposure to green building legal risks and lawsuits by having an attorney review your company’s green building contracts and specifications.  Well-drafted green building contracts and specifications can properly distribute risk among the various parties and aid the parties in avoiding costly litigation. 

Virginia Attorney Chris Cheatham of Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald, LLP, offers assistance with his green building contract program, including risk assessment and training for management and employees. Risk assessment of green building contracts is necessary to properly distribute the risk inherent with these types of projects.  In the green building industry, training will put your company at an advantage as your employees will have a better understanding of and can recognize the legal risks associated with this type of design and construction. 


Upon request, a schedule of fees will be provided.  The fee includes the contract review and revisions, a written report of the findings and the training program for your employees.  Chris is also willing to help you negotiate green building contracts and specifications, or assist with other green building legal matters, including the resolution of disputes and litigation.