As we close out 2008 here at Green Building Law Update, we must acknowledge all of the people, contributors and thought leaders out there that helped us come up with our content.  

This list could go on forever but neither you nor I are interested in long posts this time of year.  Please feel free to make a comment below and link to your website or tell the world how you contributed to the green building community in 2008.  

Without further ado, here is the Best of 2008 according to Green Building Law Update:  

•    Best Bloggers of 2008 – I read a lot of blogs but two bloggers really stand out:  Stephen Del Percio and Shari Shapiro.  Stephen blogs over at GreenBuildingsNYC and Green Real Estate Law Journal.  When I first got into blogging, Stephen showed me the ropes.  Shari blogs over at Green Building Law Blog.  She has been a great source of thoughts and ideas and was nice enough to include me in a book writing project.  If you haven’t checked out their blogs, do so now!

•    Best Find of 2008 – As you may recall, Green Building Law Update spent a lot of time discussing the Shaw Development v. Southern Builders case.  Stephen Del Percio was the enterprising attorney who found this case originally.  Even better, he was nice enough to share it with us all.  If you aren’t concerned about green building liability yet, you should read the complaint.  

•    Best Legal Marketers of 2008 – This one is not even close.  The developers of the blog software I am using, LexBlog, get this accolade hands down.  If you are looking to develop a legal blog, you should look no further than LexBlog.

•    Best Software of 2008 – Anything Google.  If Google were to go away, this blog would go away.  Aside from the obvious Google Search, which drives traffic, I have also come to rely on Google Alerts, Google Docs and Google Reader to maintain this blog.  If Google produces it, I will try it.  You should too!

•    Best Hardware of 2008 – My MacBook Pro.  Santa really knew what he was doing when he delivered this item last Christmas.  The switch from a PC to a Mac is so much easier than I realized.  

•    Second Biggest Political Story of 2008 – In the aftermath of the Obama win, another political move occurred that didn’t get as much press coverage as expected:  Rep. Henry Waxman successfully won his bid to take over the Energy and Environment Committee next year.  The ramifications of this move on future environmental laws is much bigger than most realize.  Look for a GBLU post on this in the near future.   

This list would be remiss without one more best of, but this best of can’t be put in a bullet point.  I often get the question, "how did you get involved with green building?"  For those that don’t know, my fiancee, Melissa, is a big deal in the environmental world.  One day, on a whim, I asked her, "what is the deal with all of these green building articles I am seeing?"  She patiently explained to me green buildings.  I was skeptical at first, but her patience wore me down and now I can’t stop talking about green building.  Melissa, thanks for your patience with all this blogging nonsense. 

There you have it, a recap of the Best of 2008 according to Green Building Law Update.  On Wednesday, we will return to our traditional posts regarding green building laws and disputes.  Thanks for bearing with us over the Holidays!