As part of GBLU’s monitoring of green building regulations and codes, GBLU will provide timely information regarding government green building programs that may be of interest to you.  Below is information about a Green Roof subsidy being offered by the Government of the District of Columbia, District Department of the Environment.  Please note, applications are due September 9th. 
D.C. plans to make major changes to the stormwater regulations in the near future that will encourage incorporation of green roof technology.  Subsidies such as this one are a good step to promote green roofs in advance of these stormwater regulation changes, which we will discuss in a later post.  Thanks to Scott Kowalski and Brian Cashmere for providing information regarding this subsidy. 

Green Roof Subsidy Grant Program 2008
Contact Info: Office 202-518-6195

DDOE District Department of the Environment

The Green Roof Grant Program applies to:
• Extensive or intensive green roofs
• New roofs and roof retrofit
• Innovated green roof design
• Educational value of demonstration
• All Properties within the Combined
  Sewer Overflow Zone (CSO) are eligible
• Geographic and building use diversity
• Size of Projects with priority given to
  spaces larger then 3500 square feet
• Retrofits

The Green Roof Subsidy Program (the Program) is funded wholly, or in part by the Government of the District of Columbia, District Department of the Environment, Watershed Protection Division with the purpose of subsidizing and encouraging green roof projects in the District of Columbia within the Combined Sewer Overflow Zone.

The purpose of the project is to demonstrate greenroof technology, encourage its use and illustrate the feasibility of greenroofs to help manage storm water – to reduce excessive runoff and to improve water quality. The grants are intended to partially defray the additional costs of a greenroof. The subsidy will be in amounts that approximate up to $3.00 a square foot of the greenroof cost for each qualified building with a cap of $12,000 per property.

Applications are due September 9th.

For more information and to download an application go to or