It has been a long time coming, but Green Building Law Update (“GBLU”) is finally launching today.  GBLU is a legal blog dedicated to monitoring green building trends, regulations and codes, and potential disputes and litigation.

Green Building Law Update is based on the premise that new and unique legal issues will arise as green building becomes more commonplace.  For example, a recent AIA study recently reported a 400% increase in County Green Building Programs.  Not surprisingly, construction industry groups recently filed the first challenge in federal district court to a green building codes.  GBLU will anticipate, analyze and react  to this and other legal challenges as they emerge.

The plan is to post a weekly update regarding green building issues but posts will become more frequent as these issues increase. GBLU would welcome any green building, construction or legal questions or comments.  With your permission, these questions may be used as a post topic. Also, GLBU invites you to take advantage of RSS feeds or email updates by signing up on the right hand side of the website under “SUBSCRIBE.”  Thanks for reading GBLU!