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Army Abandons LEED Certification

Correction:  It is now clear to me that I misinterpreted the testimony of Dr. Dorothy Robyn, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense.  Instead, the Department of Defense is going to simultaneously require compliance with its green building code and with LEED certification. Read more here:  Defense Department to Adopt Green Code and LEED   We have entered a … Continue Reading

Army To Continue Pursuing LEED Gold and Platinum

I had been hearing whispers that the Army planned to ignore the recently-enacted LEED ban, and now we have proof. Back in December 2011, GBLU reported on legislation that banned the Department of Defense from pursuing LEED Gold or Platinum certification.  As reported by BuildingGreen, despite the new law, the Army is reiterating its commitment to … Continue Reading

Congress Restricts LEED Spending

It has been a rough year for Congress.  The Republican and Democrats, the House and Senate — no one can seem to agree.  Unless we are talking about green buildings.  In June, I reported on the Department of Defense Reauthorization bill that passed the House of Representatives.  In the legislation, the Department of Defense was … Continue Reading

Does the Congressional LEED Ban Make Sense?

One of the great parts about Green Building Law Update is interacting with astute readers. One recent comment has forced me to rethink the proposed Department of Defense Reauthorization Bill ban on LEED certification. In the comments to last week’s post, reader R. David Chambers asked an important question: Chris – your quoted section says … Continue Reading