As long time readers know, I am originally from Kansas. While green buildings have been common in DC for some time, the Midwest is just now starting to develop its own green building market.  I was extremely excited to get an opportunity to tour one of the newest green buildings in Kansas City.  

Tim Dunn at JE Dunn Construction, one of the largest construction companies in the Midwest, recently showed me around the firm’s green headquarters.  At the time of my tour in December 2009, the construction team was anxiously awaiting word from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) regarding its application for LEED Gold certification.  Last week JE Dunn announced the building successfully achieved Gold certification and Tim was kind enough to send me some photographs.  

One of my favorite components of the building is the exposed concrete.  The building feels like it should be the headquarters of a modern construction company.  

But here’s why the new LEED-certified building really makes sense for JE Dunn:  

"JE Dunn used its headquarters, which it describes as the first LEED Gold certified corporate headquarters in the city, to demonstrate its green building practices and standards."  

I often hear the same question from contractors and subcontractors:  how do I break into the green building industry?  One option is to build your own green building to demonstrate your expertise.  If you can’t afford to build a new building, why not demonstrate some retrofitting techniques on your existing building?  When clients come in, show off your green components.  

How else can a contractor demonstrate its commitment to the green building industry?  

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