One of the most significant announcements coming out of GreenBuild was the unveiling of the revamped LEED Accredited Professional (AP) program.  Or should I say, programs?

There will now be four levels of LEED accreditation:  

(1)    LEED Green Associate
(2)    LEED Accredited Professional
(3)    LEED AP Fellow; and
(4)    Legacy LEED AP

Additionally, a timeline for the new programs was graciously provided to me by Elaine Hsieh of KEMA Services, Inc., which is available here.  Elaine has indicated that you can contact her directly if you have questions about the program as she sits on the USGBC Steering Committee:

While the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), which administers the LEED AP exam, does not reference a final date for the current LEED AP exam, I did see the following at Real Life LEED:

Aside from the times listed below, I have it on good (but not rock solid) authority that the last day to register for the current LEED-NCv2.2 and LEED-CIv2.0 exams is going to be March 31st, with GBCI to cutoff administering exams sometime around June. This should give you plenty of time to study, take, and pass the current exams should you so choose, but you don’t have much time to wait!

Next week, I, along with some other bloggers, will elaborate on what the new LEED AP program means.  Thanks for reading Green Building Law Update, which will be on hiatus until Monday, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!