While GBLU has written extensively about green building bonds, a reader recently pointed out that green building insurance should not be overlooked.  

When you talk about green building insurance programs, you have to start with Fireman’s Fund.  Back in October 2006, Fireman’s Fund had the foresight to launch three products for commercial green buildings, just ahead of the green building curve.  Below is a summary of three of the insurance programs offered by Fireman’s Fund as part of its “Green-Gard” insurance suite.  

•    Green-Gard Certified – If you have a loss on your green-certified property, Fireman’s Fund will pay to rebuild and replace to recognized green specifications.  This includes coverage for vegetated roofs, alternative power systems and alternative water systems.  

•    Green-Gard Upgrade – This coverage is specifically designed for those who have not yet made green upgrades, or have not attained green certification from the U. S. Green Building Council (USGBC). If you have a total loss, Fireman’s Fund will pay to rebuild your structure, from top to bottom, as a green-certified building.

•    Green-Gard Commissioning – For any loss that exceeds $10,000, Fireman’s Fund will pay for a professional commissioning engineer to oversee your building’s repairs and inspect new or repaired systems.

One interesting component of the Green-Gard Certified program is that if green building certification requirements have changed since the owner built or upgraded, the additional cost of meeting the new specification is covered.  GBLU has often wondered what will happen when LEED v. 3 is released in 2009 and cities have regulations on the books requiring compliance with previous LEED rating systems.  Fireman’s Fund has already accounted for this development.  

So what other green building insurance programs are out there?