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The Destiny USA Debacle: What is Destiny USA?

I am publishing a series of posts on the Destiny USA Debacle — the federally-sponsored Green Bonds project that has failed to incorporate promised green building features.  To read all of the posts at once, you can select the Destiny USA tag.   In this post, I planned to describe the proposed Destiny USA project … Continue Reading

GSA Building Underperforms

Something very important popped out at me when I re-read the New York Times article about the green buildings not performing as anticipated.  The green building highlighted for poor energy performance is a General Services Administration building:  "The building’s cooling system, a major gas guzzler, was one culprit. Another was its design: to get its … Continue Reading

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day.  No new post today.  Instead, I would suggest you read or re-read the New York Times article about LEED and energy performance. The article is one of my most important to come out on green building in awhile.  As I said on Friday, the most interesting … Continue Reading

New York Times, USGBC Address LEED Performance Gap

You may have recently read the New York Times article about the gap between LEED building designs and actual energy performance.  If not, I would recommend reading the article.  You may have also noticed a reference to "construction lawyers":  "Already, some construction lawyers have said that owners might face additional risk of lawsuits if buildings … Continue Reading

Some Cities Are Not Ready for Green Stimulus Funding

Back on February 20, 2009, I said the following about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: While Republicans, Democrats and the President argued over the stimulus package for weeks, the real battle may arise when state agencies and officials attempt to divide up the stimulus funding and choose the projects that receive funding. The real … Continue Reading

New York Times, Green Building Law Update Agree

Green building liability issues are starting to hit the mainstream, as reflected in the New York Times’ Green Inc. blog last week.    Sadly, Green Building Law Update was not quoted or linked to.  However, Green Inc. did cite to two instances of potential green building litigation that have previously been discussed on Green Building … Continue Reading