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So Many Reasons to Build Green

Green Building Law Update’s review of reasons to build green has somehow become a top 5 list.  Here’s a recap of the first four reasons: 1.    Increased opportunity to obtain financing 2.    Build to the state of art 3.    Distinguish your project from traditional construction 4.    Your customer is demanding green Rounding out the top … Continue Reading

Your Customer Expects Green

While I was at GreenBuild, I became motivated to think about reasons to build green despite the slumping economy. While Green Building Law Update has been critical of some green building trends and focused on the potential risks associated with this type of construction, there are many reasons to undertake green building projects now.  Green Building … Continue Reading

Distinguish Your Existing Building

In two previous posts prior to Greenbuild, Green Building Law Update focused on reasons to build green in the slumping economy.  Continuing that theme, here’s another example of how green buildings help parties distinguish their projects as demand for new construction decreases:  “LEED for Existing Building helps owners compete in tough market” You may know … Continue Reading

Need Green? Build Green

In previous posts, Green Building Law Update pointed to anecdotal evidence that financing difficulties were affecting the green building industry.  While there may be specific examples of green building difficulties, the bigger picture does not look as dire.  According to a recent article, the green building industry is “staying afloat” despite the tight financing market.  … Continue Reading

The State of Green Building

In anticipation of GreenBuild, Green Building Law Update is going to step back and ask: what is the state of green building?  These are definitely interesting times for the green building industry.  On the one hand, as I have highlighted, green building projects may have to be shelved due to the tight lending market.  But … Continue Reading

The Google Delays Green Building Project

  As the economy continues to stumble along, the effects on the green building industry are starting to emerge.  Green Building Law Update previously predicted that LEED certification would find itself on the chopping block and specific examples were discussed.  Now, via Jetson Green, an even more stark example has emerged:  Google Puts Plans for … Continue Reading

A Week of Epiphanies: Go Green or Die Not Trying

The final Green Building Law Update epiphany for the week will come in the form of a headline I came across this past weekend:   In the LEED:  Green certification will be the norm in a few years Last week, Green Building Law Update focused on how the economic downturn may result in a slowdown of green … Continue Reading

Can State Budgets Support Green Building?

As part of our review of the economic downturn’s effect on green building, on Monday we looked at private projects that have cut LEED certification due to associated costs.  Today, we move from private projects to public projects.  Despite this shift, the theme is the same:  the economic downturn will result in less public projects … Continue Reading

Projects Cut Out LEED Certification

Previously, Green Building Law Update wrote that the struggling financial sector may impact the number of projects seeking LEED certification. This past weekend, an article highlighting this point came across my desk that I had to share. Gazette.Net profiled numerous green building projects in Maryland that, despite initially incorporating numerous green building strategies, will not … Continue Reading

Cutting Edge LEED on the Chopping Block?

Green Building Law Update would be remiss if it did not comment on the recent financial struggles and the impact these events will have on the green building industry. Simply put, here at GBLU, we anticipate scaled back green building efforts as developers struggle to obtain financing. A recent article in Globe and Mail (Canada’s … Continue Reading