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Arlington County Revises Green Building Density Program

[Today we are interviewing Joan Kelsch, an environmental planner for the Arlington County Government.  I first met Joan when she agreed to sit down with me and discuss the Arlington County green building bonus density program.  I really appreciate the green building incentive program put in place by Arlington County.  To learn about changes to the … Continue Reading

How to Regulate Green in Virginia

Last week, we discussed a law in Virginia that prohibits municipalities from creating green building codes or mandates.  In short, Dillon’s Rule only grants to municipalities those powers that are explicitly granted by the state.  The Virginia Code has specifically granted the power to create a building code to the state; municipalities, on the other … Continue Reading

Green Building Regulation in Virginia: Zoning In

I hope you survived the dramatic cliffhanger from Monday.  Now, time to answer the question, how do Virginia cities and counties regulate green building if they cannot adopt a building code?  Such a dramatic pause for such a mundane answer:  zoning ordinances.  The Virginia code specifically delegates to the municipalities the right to create zoning … Continue Reading

Pushing the Limits of Green Building Regulations

Last week, Green Building Law Update wrote about the Dillon Rule and how it is thwarting Virginia cities’ green building regulations. Under the Dillon Rule, the Virginia legislature is empowered with passing building codes, thus preempting city building codes or building regulations. As we detailed, Indiana also follows the Dillon Rule but was successful in … Continue Reading