As we begin the new decade of the Roaring ‘20s we are incredibly excited about the prospects for environmental law. We are supremely confident that our business philosophy of “environmental risk as an opportunity” remains right for the times.

This blog will continue in 2020 providing strategic intelligence on environmental law, including critical insights into sustainability and green building for the business community, .. not just for lawyers. As we look for news and insights into the trends that will impact the broader environmental industrial complex in 2020, I recall George Santayana’s warning, “[t]hose who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

With that admonishment, as we look for environmental trends in 2020, here are my Top 10 most read blog posts from 2019, which compilation provides an interesting ranking by importance of the environmental issues of the day as self-selected for reading by viewers of the blog, in descending order from the most ‘opens’ in the first seven days after posting to the least (.. you can click on the title to link to the post):

179D Tax Deduction Brought Back to Life thru 2020

Brownfield Laws can Save Green Building and the Planet

Radon Caused More Than 21,000 Deaths Last Year

What You Can Say about RECs is Regulated by the FTC

LEED Offers Companies a Response to Declining Bird Populations

Tenants Order Phase l to Avoid Hazardous Substance Liability

LEED Prerequisite Now Prohibits Smoking Cannabis

Maryland Schools will No Longer be LEED Certified

Government to Allow Less Lead in Drinking Water

Nurdles are the Environmental Calamity of 2019

And this coming Monday I will post, “When Trees Sue for their Own Environmental Preservation,” about what may be the single most impactful new trend in the future of environmental law, proving there are creative thinkers in the field today (beyond this year’s trendy legislation banning plastic bags?!).

When selling to Gen Z is “out” and selling to Gen Alpha is “in” we know it is a new decade with even more and expanded options for our clients to benefit from “environmental risk as an opportunity.”

There is no doubt that the Roaring ‘20s portend to be a decade of both great economic prosperity and burgeoning environmental protection. I look forward to providing you with our law firm’s distinctive environmental edge in the coming years.

Happy 2020!