I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I wanted to provide information about another FREE upcoming webinar at which I’ll be presenting.  I am particularly excited about this webinar because my colleague Bob Kobet and I will be unveiling the first stage of what I believe is a dynamic new way to view green building costs and risks.

As you may recall, Bob is a LEED faculty member, and after I launched my own company, he contacted me about collaborating on a new project.  We have systematically evaluated each LEED point to determine the associated cost, value and risk.  Through this webinar, Bob and I will reveal the foundations of our new LEED cost and risk management program.  Keep in mind, there is not enough time to review each LEED point in a one-hour webinar, so please contact me if you’d like to work together on a more comprehensive program designed for your needs.  

I hope you can join us.

LEED Orientation: Managing the Costs and Risks of Green Buildings

Security and Sustainability Forum
December 1, 2010

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Security and Sustainability Forum
December 1, 2010
2:15 – 3:45 PM Eastern

Washington, DC (November 3, 2010) – What is LEED Silver? Why do I want LEED silver? What happens if I don’t get LEED silver? Many owners, and even design professionals and contractors, undertake green building projects without a complete understanding of what it means to seek LEED certification. More importantly, parties often don’t manage the costs, value and risks inherent in the certification process.

In this hour-long presentation, Robert Kobet, LEED Faculty, and Christopher W. Cheatham, LEED AP, will discuss the basics of LEED certification and explain how to categorize and manage the costs, value and risks that arise on a project seeking certification. As the green building industry becomes more focused on the bottom line, parties will have to truly understand LEED certification and how to manage the costs and risks involved in the process or suffer the consequences.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is LEED?
  • How do you measure the cost and value of LEED certification?
  • What are the risks inherent in LEED certification?
  • How can you manage the costs and risks of LEED certification while maximizing value?

Featured Speakers

Robert Kobet, LEED Faculty and architect, and Christopher W. Cheatham, LEED AP and attorney, have formed the Kobet Cheatham Group to consult to clients involved in the LEED certification process and green building projects.

The Kobet Cheatham Group offers green building consulting to owners, architects, engineers and contractors involved in LEED projects. Through the groundbreaking “LEED Orientation” program, Kobet and Cheatham educate participants about LEED certification while providing insights on how to manage the costs and risks inherent in the process.

Christopher W. Cheatham is an attorney and LEED AP. He is the principal of The Law Office of Christopher W. Cheatham LLP, a full service construction law firm. Chris assists owners, green building contractors and renewable energy companies with contracts, disputes and green building certification. Chris also publishes a widely-acclaimed legal blog, Green Building Law Update (www.greenbuildinglawupdate.com). He was recently one of nine attorneys chosen nationwide to speak at the inaugural US Green Building Council Greenbuild Legal Forum.

Robert J. Kobet, AIA, LEED Faculty, is President and CEO of The Kobet Collaborative, a multifaceted architectural consulting practice specializing in sustainable design and development, high performance architecture, and environmental education. Mr. Kobet’s work includes individual high performance green buildings and sustainable community work in twelve countries on five continents. Mr. Kobet is also one of the original LEED Faculty members and has spent the last eleven years teaching a variety of LEED Workshops to diverse government, corporate, educational and private audiences around the world. He Chairs the USGBC LEED for Schools Committee and is co-author of LEED for General Contractors and Construction Managers.

For additional information, please contact Robert Kobet at bob@kc-grp.com or Christopher Cheatham at chris@kc-grp.com.

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