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How Do You Measure the Costs and Risks of Each LEED Point?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I wanted to provide information about another FREE upcoming webinar at which I’ll be presenting.  I am particularly excited about this webinar because my colleague Bob Kobet and I will be unveiling the first stage of what I believe is a dynamic new way to view green building costs and risks. … Continue Reading

Greenbuild Was All About Innovation

As famous Chicagoan Harey Caray would say, Holy Cow!  That Greenbuild was the most productive, most informative, and most exciting on record, at least for me.  Keep in mind, I have only attended two Greenbuild conferences.  If you want a recap of key Greenbuild events as I saw it them, then check here, here and … Continue Reading

Join Me for a Free Webinar: “Retrofitting Cities”

Couldn’t make it to Greenbuild this year?  Why not attend a free webinar with some of the most influential green thinkers in the country?  I am extremely honored and very excited to participate on a FREE webinar on Nov. 22 titled "Retrofitting Cities: How to ‘Green’ the Cities We’ve Got."   I hope you can join us.  Register here. Retrofitting … Continue Reading

Lots to Know About Greenbuild

I honestly can’t wait for Greenbuild this week.  Here are a few reasons why. Sustainable Cities Collective In addition to publishing Green Building Law Update, I recently became an advisory member of Sustainable Cities Collective (SSC).  SSC is a helpful website because it aggregates articles and blog posts from some of the top green and … Continue Reading

Yellowstone Project Achieves LEED Gold

Today I am interviewing Karen Bates Kress, President of the Yellowstone Park Foundation.  Yellowstone National Park just completed construction of a LEED Gold Old Faithful Visitors Center. The Foundation played an important role in raising funds for the green and educational aspects of the project .  While this is not a traditional public-private partnership, it is … Continue Reading

Public-Private Partnerships Are a Bi-Paristan Issue?

I just finished up a presentation to the Construction User’s Roundtable (i.e. users of construction services) regarding public private partnerships (P3s). P3s are defined by the National Council of Public Private Partnerships as: "a contractual agreement between a public agency (federal, state or local) and a private sector entity. Through this agreement, the skills and … Continue Reading

Do Davis-Bacon Wage Issues Affect Your Stimulus Project?

Across the country, government officials are scrambling to award and spend American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding before upcoming deadlines.  If you are a contractor or subcontractor lucky enough to work on one of these projects, congratulations!  Now comes the tough part.  Working on a federal or state-funded project brings a myriad of regulatory … Continue Reading