Two years ago, I attended my first Greenbuild, the annual conference and exhibition hosted by the US Green Building Council, in Boston, Massachusetts.  Frankly, it was a bit uncomfortable and I felt like an outsider.  By my count, only four attorneys were present among the thousands of attendees.  But the discussion of green building legal issues has come a long way in two short years. 

I am honored to have been chosen as one of nine attorneys to participate in the inaugural Greenbuild Legal ForumOn November 18, 2010, from 8:30 to 11:00 am, three panels of attorneys will discuss the legal issues facing the green building industry.  I will be on a panel with my esteemed colleagues, Shari Shapiro and Stephen Del Percio.  We have been tasked to answer the following question:

”What’s the next big challenge in green building law?”

I will be preparing my materials for the event soon so let me ask you: 

What is the next big challenge in green building law? 

For more information about the Greenbuild Legal Forum, please visit this Greenbuild website

Photo credit:  jikatu