This week, I am going to be trying something new and exciting here at Green Building Law Update.  On January 28 at 1 pm (eastern), I will be participating in a live webinar hosted by BrightTALK titled "Green Building Legal Issues on the Horizon." 

What makes this webinar truly unique is that you can listen to it (for free) right here at Green Building Law Update.  On Thursday morning, I will put up an additional blog post that will include a live webinar viewer.  Simply log on to on Thursday morning and you should be good to go.  As a backup plan, you can also view the webinar by going to the BrightTALK page.

I am excited about this opportunity because while I have spoken to many audiences on green building legal topics, I have not been able to speak to you you, my faithful blog readers.  My hope is that you will learn four things from the webinar:

  • You should think twice before making green building guarantees
  • Guarantees of green building certification are risky
  • Insurance for green building projects is difficult to obtain; and
  • Energy efficiency is hard to control

What other information can I include in the presentation that would benefit you?  What green building legal questions do you have?  Feel free to ask in the comments below and I will do my best to address your issue. 

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