[Ed. Note:  I am getting married tomorrow!  As a result, guest editor Steve McBrady will be taking over Green Building Law Update.  I will be back November 2.]

The green building professionals in Nashville, Tennessee are a no-nonsense, dedicated group.  

That’s my conclusion after I recently gave a green building legal presentation to the USGBC Middle Tennessee Chapter.  After my presentation was over, I was questioned for 15 minutes on the nuances of the law and green building.  I met some dedicated professionals involved in some incredible green building projects.  For example, did you know there is someone in Nashville who has been involved with LEED certified projects since 2000?  Brian Phelps has been contributing to LEED projects in the Nashville area for years and was able to point out a number of his projects on the Nashville skyline.  

As promised, below is the slideshow I used during the Nashville presentation.  Feel free to ask questions about any of the slides. 

USGBC Middle Tennessee Presentation

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Thanks Nashville!