I generally don’t like numbers.  But I have never seen such compelling proof that the green building industry is here to stay (ENR – subscription req.):

The Top 100 (green contractors) generated $38.69 billion in revenue in 2008 from projects registered with or certified by third-party rating groups under objective environmental or sustainable development standards.  This marks a startling 70% [increase from] $22.76 billion [in revenue generated] for the group in 2007. 

You may recall that 2008 was the start of the recession and the construction industry began taking hits.  Despite this, the top 100 green contractors saw their revenues from green building projects increase. 

Here’s one other incredible statistic for you:

The 2008 (green building revenue) figure amounts to 26.2% of the Top 100’s total contracting revenue for 2008. 

In 2009, this number will increase dramatically.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is funding many of the new construction projects – and most of the new building projects involve green and energy efficiency standards. 

If you are a contractor, you need a plan to build green.  This is not a fad. 

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