Green building liability issues are starting to hit the mainstream, as reflected in the New York Times’ Green Inc. blog last week.    Sadly, Green Building Law Update was not quoted or linked to.  However, Green Inc. did cite to two instances of potential green building litigation that have previously been discussed on Green Building Law Update.  From Green Inc.: 

Other interesting examples include a “green cement” controversy in Dallas and (though this is not a legal case) a delay in opening a Maryland elementary school that was partly due to changes in state environmental requirements.

You may recall my previous posts "Green Regulation Not Set in Stone" and "Maryland Green School Causes Delay, Extra Costs" that cover the Dallas and Maryland green building legal issues.      It is great that the mainstream press is starting to pick up on the important legal implications from green building projects.  If any journalists out there want to discuss other story ideas (I have a ton!), just drop me an email ( or give me a call (703-749-1000) and we can set up a chat.