While I was at GreenBuild, I became motivated to think about reasons to build green despite the slumping economy. While Green Building Law Update has been critical of some green building trends and focused on the potential risks associated with this type of construction, there are many reasons to undertake green building projects now. 

Green Building Law Update decided to compile the top five reasons to build green despite the current recession. Lets look back at some of the reasons we have reviewed:


  1. Improved financing opportunities
  2. Build to the state of art
  3. Distinguish your project from traditional construction

The next reason to build green is blunt – because your customers are demanding green projects! Don’t believe me? Do you believe 400 commercial real estate executives?

Commercial real estate executives are increasingly seeking greener office space — and are less inclined to pay premiums for it, according to a recent survey by CoreNet Global and Jones Lang LaSalle.


"They are less willing to pay a premium for sustainable space because they understand that is doesn’t cost the owner more to make that space efficient," said JLL Senior Vice President Michael Jordan.

The study found that 69 percent of real estate executives embrace sustainability, up from 47 percent in 2007. 


If Michael Jordan supports green building, shouldn’t you? 


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