Green Building Law Update’s review of reasons to build green has somehow become a top 5 list.  Here’s a recap of the first four reasons:

1.    Increased opportunity to obtain financing
2.    Build to the state of art
3.    Distinguish your project from traditional construction
4.    Your customer is demanding green

Rounding out the top five is a reason that you ignore at your own peril:  your government requires it. 

Previously, Green Building Law Update has highlighted states – Virginia, Indiana, Maryland – and cities – Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Portland, Los Angeles – that require or incentivize green building.  As we move into 2009, the political support for green building initiatives will increase.  As more cities and states require green building, parties will have to keep track of these green building regulations in order to ensure compliance.  Why not just build green and avoid the hassle?  

There you have it.  Five reasons to build green, including one reason why you will have to build green.  You’re convinced now, right?

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